A few times a month I offer 3.5 hour public walks that begin at the Red Town Trailhead of the Cougar Mountain Regional Park. $35 per person. More details and tickets can be found here at AirBnb.

And this summer I am partnering with the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle to offer 90 minute walks. $25 per person. More details and tickets can be found here at UW Botanical Gardens.

Arrange a private walk with friends and family to celebrate life events, holidays, or simply to have a unique shared experience in nature.

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Company Retreats

Forest Therapy walks have been proven to enhance cognitive function and problem solving capacities. Discover what the forest has to offer your creative process.

Located at Camp Waskowitz in North Bend, half and full day retreats can be tailored to serve the needs of your team.

To book a retreat please use form on the contact page.